MiNne & SOTN Collection


Legend has it in 1907 a farmer, Douglas Charles, was in Minneapolis speaking to the county clerk Mary Stephenson as he was homesteading his newly purchased land  just South of Downtown Minneapolis. He said he had just made the treacherous journey from Ohio. Very proud to be in the tundra he asked what he is called now that he is from Minnesota?

Mary said "We are called Minnesotas."  

His chest puffed with pride.  "I like that!"  He looked up at the embroidered state flag hanging behind the counter and asked "What does that say on the flag?"

"Star of the North, in French !" She replied.

"Well Now I am a Star of the North, Just call me SOTN for short."

"SoooooTN" She corrected.  "Around Here we take our time with the O's."

"SoooTN, got it!" He said

Since Doug stood 4' 11 1/2" his new friend called him a "mini SOTN". Having a sense of humor, and loving this new place, he proudly adopted the new moniker. 

A couple from Kansas were visiting the grain exchange in downtown Minneapolis where Doug worked. Several people walked by as he assisted the couple and greeted Doug, the "mini SOTN." When they returned to their hotel, they went to a bar and ordered a drink. The bartender struck up a conversation with the couple. After some time they asked the bartender how long he had been a Minne-SOTN?

"What's that?"He asked

They looked at each other and back to him. "Isn't that what people from Minnesota are called, we heard a bunch of people saying it at the grain exchange to a kind gentleman who really seemed to enjoy living here and we love that name, MiNne SOTN.  

The bartender liked it too and started referring to his regular customers at the hotel tavern as Minnesotans.

From that time on "Minnesotas" was replaced with "Minnesotan."

This collection honors the legend of Douglas Charles with big and mini versions of our line for you and your MiNne - Star Of The North.